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Bob Cellucci

Bob Cellucci

Founder and Lead Consultant


I specialize in channel development and revenue generation for small-to-mid-sized independent software vendors (ISVs). As the founder of Channel Motions Consulting, I assist ISVs in creating, developing, and expanding indirect channels to market, leveraging my expertise in channel strategy, operations, programs, enablement, and ecosystems.

Engagement types include Consulting, Contracting, or Fractional Channel Leadership depending on what’s most appropriate for you and your organization.

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  • Indirect Routes to Market
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Services and Capabilities

What I accomplish for you

Through Channel Motions Consulting, I help small to mid-size Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) drive partner contribution to 30-50% without the chaos and forecast misalignments that most channel operations suffer from.
Channel Strategy Development

Crafting a comprehensive channel strategy that aligns with your company goals guides all channel efforts. We’ll analyze market dynamics, competition, potential partners, and your organizational readiness creating a roadmap for revenue growth and market penetration.

Partner-Centric Readiness Assessment

Ensuring effective engagement with partners begins with conducting thorough assessments of your organizational and operational readiness. We meticulously analyze your existing resources, processes, support structures, and partnering culture to guarantee alignment with partner-centric approaches and objectives.

Partner Targeting & Acquisition

Better to have fewer partners who fit your Ideal Partner Profile (IPP) than a longer, more random list of underperformers. Defining your IPP is step one. It will enable you and your team to acquire partners whose strengths, expertise, culture, and customer base align with your offering and channel strategy.

Partner Program Development

Incentivize and empower your channel partners with cohesive, flexible frameworks that provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and motivation to succeed while ensuring alignment with your goals.

Channel Operations

Channel ops is pivotal for seamless collaboration in partner programs, managing strategic tasks, optimizing processes, and ensuring effective coordination across company functions for successful channel management.

Partner Enablement

Equip your channel partners with the knowledge and resources they need to effectively sell and support your products. From relationship building to goals and expectation alignment to co-selling, training, and support, Channel Motions will produce an actionable multi-pronged enablement plan ensuring partners are well-prepared to engage with customers and drive mutual success.


Bob’s distinctive quality was his dedication to the complete lifecycle of our partnerships and deep knowledge of building a channel business. He engineered an efficient and effective onboarding process, guaranteeing a top-notch experience for our partners. His guidance on roles and responsibilities played a pivotal role in successfully implementing these changes within our organization.

Petr Klouda, VP of Global Sales

What Bob brought to the team was an exceptional level of both strategic and tactical business expertise. By combining these and leveraging his deep understanding of our partner’s needs he was able to produce significant growth throughout the Partner Sales Channel. Bob never accepts the status quo and he doesn’t shy away from challenging entrenched business norms.

Don Schroeder CTO, Senior Payments Architect

I’ve worked with channel sales all my life and I know that only a few individuals have what it takes to build a solid partner network that can add real value to a company. Bob is one of these few.

Flavio Lebrao, CEO

Bob was able to help Sitefinity raise its profile in the marketplace and help to not only attract new clients but also gather the attention of key industry analysts. Bob is a results-driven leader with a pragmatic approach and an awareness of the importance of cultural development. If your company has a channel that needs improvement or you need to build a channel from the ground up, Bob is an executive that can deliver in either scenario.

Derek Langone Serial CEO


Let’s talk about your channel objectives and how we can get you there.